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Against Aquaculture In The Lagoon

Save Langebaan Lagoon Action Group is a community based organisation that was started to mobilize support in fighting  further aquaculture development  in Saldanha Bay and Langebaan Lagoon.  Our aim is to prevent large scale mussel , oyster and finfish farming within the waters bordering the lagoon.  

The department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) is proposing a 884 hectare aquaculture development zone in Saldanha Bay, which is the gateway to the lagoon. This development poses environmental and  ecological disasters for the Langebaan Lagoon, a RAMSAR site  and negative socio-economic implications for the town of Langebaan. 

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Since February 2017, Save Langebaan Lagoon has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Langebaan community to stop the industrialisation of Langebaan’s Big Bay waters and the resultant degradation of our lagoon, by approved plans for an 884 hectare aquaculture development zone (ADZ).

We have challenged, objected, educated, researched, organised and mobilised in order to let our collective voice be heard. Unfortunately, our town’s socio-economic growth and prosperity, as well as the conservation of our world-renowned and protected lagoon has been steadfastly ignored by the developers.

Our only remaining opportunity to address this significant threat to our lifestyle and livelihoods is to take the ADZ proponents and the Minister of Environmental Affairs to court. As such, on Tuesday 14/05/2019, we filed an application for a judicial review with the Western Cape High Court/ Cape Town / Case No 8127/19. We have a strong case for the Court to set aside the authorisations for this destructive and short-sighted threat.

As communicated to you previously, we have retained Cullinans and Associates, specialists in environmental law, to draft our application for judicial review and prepare our case. Up until now, we have been able to fund our legal, media and administrative costs through local fund-raising efforts. However, the costs of case preparation and litigation are considerable, even though our counsel has taken a view on costs. We need to raise approximately R1.5 million (and foreseeably as much as R2 million) in order to fund this critical part of our legal challenge.

Next week we will begin an extensive media campaign to encourage support from individuals, corporate and civil society from across the globe. We have also briefed an independent fund-raising specialist to draft proposals that will target large funders of this type of legal action. In addition to these initiatives, we still need your urgent help to solicit further commitment from the Langebaan community. Please submit your ideas regarding fund-raising opportunities as soon as possible to :

In addition, there is plenty that you can do: Inform as many people in your social circle and on-line community about this imminent threat to Langebaan; refer them to our website; encourage them to sign our on-line petition; let us know if you can help in any way with any initiatives to raise funds  or help with our media campaign :

In the likelihood of a successful legal challenge, the order of costs granted by the Court to allow recovery of our legal costs and expenses from the opposing parties will be used in furtherance of the conservation of our unique marine eco-system.


taking our fight to the high court

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