THE PROJECT IS GOING AHEAD Development has already started!

Dear fellow Save Langebaan Lagoon members and campaigners.

We originally started this voluntary organisation to oppose the development of the aquafarming project in the Saldanha Bay area of our lagoon. Our main objective was to prevent the development of detrimental fin fish farming projects right in the middle of Big Bay, just off Mykonos and Paradise Beach.

As most of you are aware, our main objective seems to have been met, the fin fish farming project in Big Bay has been closed down, at least for the time being,  and all related infrastructure in the bay removed. Having said that, mussel farming (which is far less detrimental to the environment than fish farming) will continue.

In view of this very positive development, we as the committee of Save Langebaan Lagoon need to re-evaluate our position and think about the future of the organisation.

The present committee consisting of Clifford Wright, Inge Frost, Charles Rickens and Gordon Harper wishes to stand down.

We have two alternatives:

.               A new committee is appointed by the members (that’s YOU), and the

new committee decides on future projects for SLL to get involved with. There are lots of possibilities, the dust pollution issue from the ore jetty, the Karpower electricity generating ship they want to moor in the Bay to relieve Eskom problems, water pollution issues from various industrial and mining activities, the list goes on. If anyone from the community wishes to tackle these projects, please contact one of us at SLL and make yourself available.

Save Langebaan Lagoon is a registered NGO, with a proper constitution, a bank account, website etc., so it is well placed to tackle community issues in the Langebaan lagoon area.

.               If there are no “volunteers” for the above, we intend closing down

the organisation and de-registering it, and also closing down our bank account. The small amount of money currently in the account will then be donated to a charity or NGO in the area. Please be advised that if no committee is formed by the members by the end of 2022, we will proceed with de-registering the organisation and closing it down.

We as a committee would also at this point like to thank our many sponsors, donors and volunteers who enabled us to raise approx. R1,0 million in funds, all of which has gone to building and defending our case against this development, legal fees, expert opinions etc etc. Without the involvement of so many volunteers, donors and sponsors we never would have managed to put together such a successful campaign!

We look forward to hearing from you.

SLL Committee:

Inge Frost ,Clifford Wright,

David Harper

Charles Rickens